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Bibb County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAGBY, Infant  1836 or 1837Bibb County, Georgia I41071
2 BARTLETT, Julia J.  1862Bibb County, Georgia I79
3 GRACE, John T  17 Jul 1855Bibb County, Georgia I40930
4 HOLLOMON, Collie Virginia  02 Jun 1888Bibb County, Georgia I69895
5 HOLLOMON, John Ira  28 Dec 1874Bibb County, Georgia I69890
6 HOLLOMON, Madison Plenney  18 Oct 1878Bibb County, Georgia I69892
7 HOLLOMON, Robert Lee  10 Sep 1893Bibb County, Georgia I69897
8 HOLLOMON, Susan Gertrude  15 Oct 1885Bibb County, Georgia I69894
9 HOLLOMON, Tracy Baxter  06 Sep 1890Bibb County, Georgia I69896
10 HOLLOMON, Vallerie  Sep 1876Bibb County, Georgia I69891
11 JENNINGS, Marion  23 Jan 1880Bibb County, Georgia I69898
12 JENNINGS, Oscar  15 Feb 1882Bibb County, Georgia I80
13 JOHNSON, Charles James  12 Feb 1860Bibb County, Georgia I40927
14 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  1835Bibb County, Georgia I41073
15 JOHNSON, John  1842Bibb County, Georgia I41075
16 JOHNSON, Josiah  1840Bibb County, Georgia I41074
17 JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth  12 Apr 1856Bibb County, Georgia I40926
18 JOHNSON, Sarah  1833Bibb County, Georgia I41072
19 JONES, Cynthia Rebecca  19 Jan 1875Bibb County, Georgia I69844
20 JONES, Eliza  1845Bibb County, Georgia I69836
21 JONES, Elizabeth Amanda  18 Jan 1851Bibb County, Georgia I69837
22 JONES, Ida Elizabeth  06 May 1872Bibb County, Georgia I3072
23 JONES, James  1854Bibb County, Georgia I69839
24 JONES, Joseph  1862Bibb County, Georgia I69887
25 JONES, Julia  1852Bibb County, Georgia I69838
26 JONES, Martha (Mattie) Lee  12 Apr 1875Bibb County, Georgia I3178
27 JONES, Samuel H.  Jan 1866Bibb County, Georgia I3044
28 PARKER, Burrell  Abt 1812Bibb County, Georgia I672075123
29 PARKER, Cicero  Abt 1847Bibb County, Georgia I672075128
30 PARKER, Georgia A  Abt 1840Bibb County, Georgia I672075125
31 PARKER, Lucinda  Abt 1838Bibb County, Georgia I672075124
32 PARKER, Martha  Abt 1845Bibb County, Georgia I672075127
33 PARKER, William B  Abt 1842Bibb County, Georgia I672075126
34 RAINEY, Theodosia Ann  23 Nov 1844Bibb County, Georgia I69888
35 RAINEY, Thomas Abytha  9 Nov 1846Bibb County, Georgia I671953577
36 RAYMON, George  9 May 1848Bibb County, Georgia I672075515
37 TUCKER, William Daniel  23 Aug 1840Bibb County, Georgia I69870


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BAGBY, Infant  Feb 1837Bibb County, Georgia I41071
2 BAGBY, Thomas  31 Dec 1823Bibb County, Georgia I69853
3 CHERRY, Elijah Dean  01 Mar 1904Bibb County, Georgia I41389
4 HOLLOMON, John Ira  29 Jun 1910Bibb County, Georgia I69890
5 HOLLOMON, Mattie Lena  23 May 1907Bibb County, Georgia I69889
6 HOLLOMON, Robert Lee  13 Jul 1976Bibb County, Georgia I69897
7 HOLLOMON, Susan Gertrude  05 Apr 1962Bibb County, Georgia I69894
8 JENNINGS, Benjamin F  02 Nov 1917Bibb County, Georgia I75
9 JENNINGS, Elizabeth L  14 Dec 1927Bibb County, Georgia I77
10 JENNINGS, Espey Rilla S.  1908Bibb County, Georgia I76
11 JENNINGS, Marion  23 Oct 1880Bibb County, Georgia I69898
12 JENNINGS, Oscar  15 Apr 1925Bibb County, Georgia I80
13 JENNINGS, Theodore  19 Jun 1929Bibb County, Georgia I78
14 JENNINGS, William H  06 Apr 1903Bibb County, Georgia I74
15 JONES, Cynthia Rebecca  27 Jan 1961Bibb County, Georgia I69844
16 JONES, Elizabeth Amanda  06 Dec 1925Bibb County, Georgia I69837
17 JONES, John William  27 May 1940Bibb County, Georgia I2518
18 JONES, Martha (Mattie) Lee  21 Mar 1955Bibb County, Georgia I3178
19 PARKER, Burrell  Abt 1 Mar 1862Bibb County, Georgia I672075123
20 RAINEY, Elizabeth Margaret  Bibb County, Georgia I671953571
21 RAINEY, Hester  26 Feb 1908Bibb County, Georgia I671953575
22 RAINEY, Reuben A  19 Jan 1898Bibb County, Georgia I671953572
23 RAINEY, Theodosia Ann  27 Jan 1910Bibb County, Georgia I69888
24 RAINEY, William Charlie  30 Jul 1868Bibb County, Georgia I671953569
25 ROBERTS, Julia (Judy)  Aft 6 Oct 1862Bibb County, Georgia I36


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BAGBY / Patton  31 Dec 1829Bibb County, Georgia F14598
2 GRACE / Cherry  1876Bibb County, Georgia F14605
3 JENNINGS / BARTLETT  02 Feb 1879Bibb County, Georgia F20
4 JOHNSON / BAGBY  05 Feb 1850Bibb County, Georgia F14602
5 McKinney / JORDAN  Jan 1850Bibb County, Georgia F565995791
6 NAVAL / JORDAN  24 Oct 1857Bibb County, Georgia F565995792
7 PARKER / JORDAN  10 Jan 1837Bibb County, Georgia F565995640
8 Sego / HARDY  28 Feb 1864Bibb County, Georgia F4173
9 SUMMERLINE / JORDAN  16 Jan 1842Bibb County, Georgia F565995793
10 TUCKER / BAGBY  25 Nov 1830Bibb County, Georgia F25589